my stock motor heats up

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by r2drift2, Jun 15, 2004.

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    after about 10 mins. of drifting my motor would just not respond and all i hear is the little humming noise coming from the esc. then after like a min. or two it would run again for about 5 min. and it wouldn't respond again. i checked everything and i couldn't find anything, could it be my driving/drifting? actually i have non solder motor leads and i put the + motor lead on the
    neg. side of the motor and neg. lead on the + side of the motor. could that make it overheat? or it doesn't matter. and i remember when i was attempting to solder the esc wire straight to the motor, some of the soldering wire got into the motor, so... im not to sure if that would affect it to. so what do you guys think?????? oh, and i use pvc tires.
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    Double check the leads. Make sure they are all the way in. Also check your gearing. If its to high it can hover heat it and blow. make sure your ESC didnt re-set. Check the trims and make sure everything is neutral.
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    you should put positive with positive and neg. with neg. if your car goes backwards when you run it...just rotate the endbell 180 degrees and screw it back on. its either that or you should lube your gears and bearings with wd-40 spray cus it might be the thing thats causing it lots of drag.

    ^i hope that helped! :D
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    Sounds like your ESC is shutting down due to overheating, or perhaps a small stone found it's way into the motor.

    Check your gearmesh isn't too tight and gear it so your not revving the nuts off it all the time.
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    my ESC and Motor ???

    hey guys yeah my ESC makes nosie's to, is that wah is so pose to do and when i full revv it it dusint make the nosie i got a 20turn motor is that good for drifting?? :?
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    Turns arent really what matter on a motor... its how much tourqe you have.

    Also, ESC's (or, mine do... not sure about QC's or other Real high doller ESC's) do make noise. When you give some throtle, it should hum sorta. And then just kinda twitch if your TX is reall sensitive. And when you go full throt the noise cuts out and (if) the light cuts out or Changes color.
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    yeahh ok thanks for that it ture :p