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    Ok... sure... if you think that. Im not going to argue... its not worth it... but if you want to think that... go you. However, nomatter what you think... 2+2=4...
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    hey driftsleeper
    lets bet our entire rc collections on it.
    I bet you all my stuff (even my microsizers) that it is width
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    firsty i have a 200mm proline stratus, which i used on my old TL01, it was same wheelbase, but it was wider, by about 5-6mm each side...
    i also had a vectra a while ago, which was for the larger width cars, 235mm or something, and that also fitted fine, but couldnt see wheels..

    yes some nitros are a little longer, maybe by 2-3mm, but the wheels still line up fine...
    i actually think the alfa proline body i got now is 200mm, and it fits on my TL01 fine

    just my little bit
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    aight then whatever you guys say...i guess you cant tell the difference. the width difference doesnt matter at all...nitros and electrics have different wheelbases. they refer to the measurement of the width of the body as bodywidth, they dont call it wheelbase. wheelbase refers to how far apart the bases of the wheel are. measurethe difference for yourself.

    here's some definition and proof for all of you who disagree with me:

    > the distance in inches between the front and rear axle centers of an automotive vehicle.

    the distance between the front and back wheels, measured between the two sets of innermost truck holes.

    Distance from the center of the front wheel to the center of the real wheel.

    The distance between the front and rear axles of a car. A longer wheelbase gives a bit more stability, but a shorter wheelbase gives quicker turning and better acceleration, because the weight of the car is closer to the wheels (in relation to the long axis). All HPI sedan cars have the same wheelbase, while the Super Nitro RS4 has the ability to change its wheelbase with about 20 minutes of work.

    The distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels on a motorhome. If a motorhome has a tag axle, the wheelbase is measured from the front axle to the center point between the drive and tag axles.

    Chassis : The distance from the center of the front wheel hub to the center of the rear wheel hub.

    The distance from the centerline of the front wheels to the centerline of the rear wheels.

    Distance, center to center, from front axle to rear axle. Wheelbase is important because it indicates available body length and weight distribution between front and rear axles.

    The longitudinal distance from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel on the same side of the car.

    The distance between the front and the rear axles on a vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle. In a few cars (e.g., Renault 5), the wheelbase is longer on one side of the vehicle.

    distance, in inches, from the center of a truck's from hub to the center of the space between its tandems. operators/owner_op_glossary.html

    The measured distance between the centre of the front axle and the centre of the rear axle. Wheelbase is usually simplified to two main categories: short wheelbase and long wheelbase, but medium and extra-long configurations are available on some makes and models.

    the distance from the front axle to the rear axle.

    The distance between a car's front and rear axles.

    the distance from the center of a car's front wheel to the rear axle

    you can check all of that oin their official websites too
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    AE86 Drifter:
    hey ae86 can keep your rc collection. and for you SpArKeY_STi, dont talk to me like im stupid cus i know a lot more about real cars than you'll ever brag about. sorry for starting any funk up in here, but i had to prove the truth.
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    Hey man look. i didnt say anything about wheelbases and anything about who knows about real cars(cause i know a whole lot about em).
    i didnt say i did not know what a wheelbase is. and i also didnt try and say you dont know what a wheelbase is. The point i am making is that in measurement of an rc car body the measurement refers to width not wheelbase. and if you still dont believe me you got a problem. I can prove that in about half as many ways as you defined wheelbase (as if for some reason you thought i didnt know what the hell a wheelbase was)????

    hey man i bet since you know so much about cars tell me this
    1. is nitrous oxide flammable?
    2. what are the four cycles of a four stroke engine?
    3. The basic parts of a cam lobe?

    how about doing this without using the computer
    and yeah these are just basics you know to see if you wathched the fast and the furious too much?
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    AE86 Drifter:
    yo...first of all, i was talkin with SpArKeY_STi cus it sounded like he was making me sound stupid. i guess he wasnt and that i misunderstood. second, dont assume about what im thinkin. third, dont think i watch the fast and the furious or 2fast 2furious a lot cus i dont even have it. yes...i did make a mistake by misunderstanding what you guys were referring to. now i do understand what your saying and im agreeing with you.

    1. nitrous oxide is not flammable without anything to light it up, but it speeds up the combustion rate because of the oxygen in it.

    2&3. for these questions, you stumped me. But theres one misunderstanding about four stroke engines. Some ppl think it completes four cycles, but it doesn’t. cus after 4 strokes are completed only one cycle is done…not four. I don’t know much about engine internals, but I will.

    ---------------------------------sorry for arguing--------------------------------

    are we all kool now? cus i dont like it when theres funk with me and someone else
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    Its koo now... ita all good in the hood!
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    yeah man everything cool :D

    1.okay Nitrous oxide is not flammable
    it wouldnt even burn if you opened up the bottle onto an open flame (lighter, bon fire, etc.) it basically injects a high concentration of oxgen atoms into the engine while cooling the air charge at the same time.two good things. the nitrogen absorbs heat which increases power due to the fact that heat robs power greatly.
    2.there are four cycles in a four stroke cycle.ther is an upstoke, downstroke, upstroke, downstroke (two complete rotations of the crankshaft)
    these are the proper names of all four strokes in order
    Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust
    3.Basic parts and shape of a cam lobe are
    Base, Nose, Heel, Timing Point, Flank, Lift, Duration
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    I think that Supra body is by a company called "CEN".
  12. Guest

    Just wanted my weight to the 190/200 width/weelbase argument.

    1/10th electric tourer IFMAR rules allow 190mm WIDTH
    1/10th nitro tourer IFMAR rules allow 200mm WIDTH

    Have a look at the ROAR rules =>ROAR

    Wheelbases vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but one thing is fixed and that is max width (obviously amongst others), get your rule books out dudes, don't guess unless you know your racing.

    I've raced since 1976, and I know certain things are right, and certain things are pure B.S.
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    NO2 works because there's one atom of Nitrogen to two atoms of Oxygen (compared to approx. 79% Nitrogen/19% Oxygen in the air)
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    exactly, but can you tell me the first time nitrous oxide was used experimentally in an internal combustion engine???
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    I do. My uncle Jimbo was really drunk and Aunt Lula Mae asked him to cut the yard. The game was about to come on in like ten minutes so he had to get done real quick. Next thing I know, I hear this hissing noise and see Uncle Jimbo flying back and forth across the yard, holding onto the handles of the riding mower screaming like a little girl...
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    hahaha that is funny as hell.
    but in all reality germans used it in airplanes first and then their land vehicles in attempt to increase hp. They did these experiments during WWII
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    thats a nice rx7...what company made that style rx7 bodie?oh and jus wonderin where do most of u guy's get those car emoticon things for the avatar pics?anyway jus wondering..
  18. Man... I thought my brother was an ***.... :roll: :roll: :roll:
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    what do you mean baby eater??

    it is an hpi body, but i have no idea where the emoticons come from
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    nice car man :!: