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  1. My tc3 which has- Graphite Chassis, Novak Dually ESC, Associated Blue screw set, Reedy Spec Class 19t, Futaba Jr radio, and i think its amb transponder.
    Broken steering knuckle (broke 2 last weekend, the same way and same spot on the track)[​IMG][​IMG] those are 2 of the bodies i have for it.

    Then i got my Nitro Mini rs4 - its all stock and has only had about 4 tanks run through it [​IMG][​IMG]

    Tmaxx-[​IMG] only has an mip exhaust.

    My super nitro rally- Dynomite inline exhaust and 2 speed. [​IMG]

    Thats it, thanks for looking.
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    Only two pics work... try useing as the host.
  3. Guest

    Scoob looks a mess with a set of Rugby posts sticking out the bonnet and boot - trim them FFS!
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    Ya man! Trim posts! other then that, and the bad pic host (go with image shack... works every time and they have a 850 kb limit) great pics.. mainly scooby.
  5. i only left the long posts on the subbie because it liked to flip over so those kind of prevented the top from getting to scratched, but i have trimmed them since that last picture.
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    hey man you wouldnt be interested in selling that nitro mini RS4 would you

    if so name a price. I'd love to own that thing!!!!!

    Nice cars
  7. thanks for the props, but unfortunately at this moment im not looking to sell it. I want to get it to run, and then maybe beat some 1/10th scale guys with it lol. I have a problem with it though, it seems to want to bind the tranny, but that might be because of the bushings, i might buy some bearings soon.
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    hey how did u paint the hood on the second car to look like carbon fiber cuz i just got a toyota levin body and havnt painted it yet and well that looks sick