my nitro drifters (hello all)

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by lofreq, Jun 3, 2004.

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    hello all, just wanted to contribute what i can from NZ here :)

    been into RC's for a few years now and always started with the intent of drifting them. first RC was my kyosho landmax 1:8 rally car and this is still in use today. have not gone into electrics much, as i have had so much more fun with nitro. so i am a proponent for all things nitrodrift! preferably on rubber, not pvc. :)

    anyway heres some pics and vids of my street weapons :p

    (you will need DivX 5.1.1 for these vids) (rightclick saveas)

    PICS: heres my 1:8 Kyosho landmax rally car

    VIDS: rubber tyres and horsepower 'drifts' and slides (about 1mb each): vid1, vid2, vid3

    cool extended donuts and tyre destruction

    PICS: photo album of some destroyed kyosho rubber (plus some other pics)

    PICS: heres my 1:8 offroad buggy (SinYih/Protech) with onroad body

    PICS: photo album of PVC drift wheels creation

    VID: stationary cam vid of 1st test drive with drift wheels

    VID: chase cam mounted to drift car filming behind/in front/etc

    hoping to soon tune the cars to the point that i can replicate the style and control of the electrics, using nitro and a custom compound of tyre (currently experimenting with hardened foam tyres etc)

    hope u like the pics/vids, i know its not drifting yet really but with practice i hope it will be. nice to meet u people into this semi crazy hobby :)
  2. Well, its a nirto drifting forum so may as well say sumthin, I try to drift my savage in losse dirt, but right now Im breaking in a new engine and im almost done. Also nice rides :x
  3. i try to drift my rc10gt with tape but all it does is spin :D if i can get it to drift it is really short :D :lol:
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    i've got a nitro rs4 awd, tryin to drift it,but i need harder tires and stiffer shocks.
  5. Guest

    I love the pure drifting ability of PVC pipe over the non to predictable tape, and in the VERY near future I'm going to get my Schumacher Swift Drifting on PVC pipe too...should be fun heh heh heh
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    nice cars man :!:
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    what do u mean by drifting wif tape. :D nice car. Is urs 4wd