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    Hello all you zealots out there, I First got introduced to, I guess paper modeling back in 1986, but little did I realize that’s what it was.. I was living up in the Tri-cities Washington area (Richland WA.) in an Apt, and my next door neighbor befriended me and showed me how to make Rockets out of paper towel tubes, that was a blast (Literally, wink, wink,) but I kind of lost interest while at College, I got into RC Nitro's and Electric cars about two years ago. I was searching around on the internet a couple of nights ago and stumbled upon paper models and that kicked up old memories, so I have been searching the net, and found zealots, Thank goodness. The Paper models look so promising and fun with little expense. Anyway I look forward to forging new friends and experiences. I will say I live in The East Bay CA. :thumb: