My ideas for the Insane Speed run...

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    Ok, im going to tell you my idea for the Insane Speed run... keep these from the RCZone guys because they would know a good idea if it hit them square in the nuts... but tell me what you all think of this...

    I have two variations tho...
    Number 1

    Use a Micro RS4. Buy the Penguin RC Graphite LM Chassis, with Upper deck and rear deck. Buy a 540 Kit. Use a Orion V2 2 Turn mod motor. Use a No Limit ESC (In my case, Tempest Pro Hyperfet II). Use soft Rubber compound HPI Tires, No incerts, or trimed thinner incerts. Use the Alfa Romeo Body. And KO Mars so you can set the Steering curn to where it LITTLE steering. The bats would be kinda hard... im thinking 3-4 GP33's. Im not sure if they will last long enought tho, or if it would be too much weight.

    I figure some of these 10T motors in the Micro RS4 can hit 75 on a S&G run in the street... why not got high mod and try for 120?

    Idea 2

    The new Xray 1/12th scale touring car. Drill out the chassis for extra weight reduction. Use 6 GP33's, coustom mounted, and a Orion V2 2T motor. Again, KO Mars and no limit ESC. Not sure about tires, iv never delt with 1/12th.

    On both of them, go 2WD. What do you need the extra weight for? On the micro RS4 build a system to keep the wheels on... sorta like on the AE L3 1/12th scale.

    With those i believe you could hit 120 provided the batts lasted 2 mins max to get full speed. What do you guys say?
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    well wot gearing u runnin, cuz id u go 2 the hpi website and look 4 pinions they sell 49 tooth pinions i think 4 the ulitmate speed run
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    I dont know... like iv said, iv never delt with 1/12th sclaes, and iv never ran a 540... i would do gearing after i had a chance to test it.