My first track time!

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    Jun 4, 2004
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    Wow... i never knew id be that good! I was turning laps like no tommarow! People who have raced for years now were going "Wow... hes really good!" but thats before i put my race tires one :lol: . I drifted it first, then raced it... and was laping people 3 - 4 times before they got one lap in. The only part that sucked was the track was like glass. Smooth and slick. I wish i knew lap times. I was running 19T spec. After my first 4 laps i got used to the track and was lookin pro... cuttin corners apex, the works. I was so consistant that you could see my tire tracks... and none of them went within an inch of each other. In other words, all my laps were done within a foot line. The only think i didnt like, is no one else was racing. The only other people on the track was a Rustler, E maxx, somethin else, and another somethin. Like i said, i was lapping them, but they were a lil younger then me (like 12.) and were running stock motors and trucks... but still, being laped 3-4 times in one of your laps should tell you something. Sunday is my first day... i cant wait. Hopefully enough people show up.

    If anyones wondering, i was racing at MHOR. Mile High Off Road... but i never got to race it. My buggy pooped on me. I think it was just a bad battery... but i was mad. Spent over $70 on it at the track (Tires, body, other misc parts) and never got track time. I did get a little... and i hit jump one, jump two, the corner, then lost controll. Im gona check out wtf is wrong tommarow, then try and make it up again sometime next week.

    Aight, time to evaluate the tracks and store.

    First impression: This store kinds is poo. You walk in to a little hobby shop... enough room for about two people before you hit a wall or counter. However, parts selection is OUTSTANDING! You have a broken part? They have it... almost. Anything i could ever need, they had! So then you go threw a back door to the off-road in door track. Its standard blue groove i believe. It has a nice little spectators section and its elevated with a drivers stand in the corner. First look at the track... WTF?:!?>fJFd0~!!!QW From the start - let me mention its in the middle of the track - you hit a corner. Its a fairly nice track, 60x80, but its tight. So then your going around and one turn has a little moutian thing in the middle. Not to distracting. You come around hit a sweeper, and jump one. Land, hit jump two into a sweeper. Stright for a bit, then corner into a .. WTF?!? 2 foot dip! You just drop... its a little square thats dug out. Ok, so you get outa that, and hit the next corner, to what... a BIG moutian thing in the middle more twords the inside, and on the outside are two 6 inch dips that your car can fit in a few times. Then your basicly done. Then after you look at the track... you see the pits. Fairly nice. Each space has its own outlet and is very spacsious... nothin else really special. You look out the door to the outdoor onroad track. Its SMOOTH asphalt. Its kinda got a glaze over it, so it is hard to get some grip on it... but i nice anyway. When i went, wasnt very technical... or speical. But some of them they have are really tight and nice tracks.

    So over all... very nice. Wish it was oh... about an hour closer to my house. Its about a hour and half drive for me.. but well worth it when my buggy works :roll: :wink: .