Much Ado About Nothing

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    Hello all, keeping it short, signed up years ago, lurked a bit, life intruded, forgot about papercraft for a while.

    Still not much time - older and a new parent, but planning on getting something built sometime soon.

    Paper modelling caught my eye since I was really young. Too young to be able to use X-acto knives, in fact. I remember finding an old black and white book in the public library - I vaguely remember the cover having an old building on it. Very simple stuff. Inside were some simple planes, but I was too young at the time to figure it out.

    I'm interested in building, and learning while building, and eventually learning to design my own stuff.

    I like the fusion of technical precision and art. I've always liked sculptures, and paper modelling is the closest I can get to it for now because I'm not very artsy when it comes to building with my own hands, but I can follow directions, and at the end of the day I can have the satisfaction of looking at a model and saying - I built that.

    So much for keeping it short ;)