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    Hello to all..(sorry in advance for my long explanation below)

    I am still tossing up to go with MRC Dcc or stick with my Dc system...have some pros n cons..

    Soon i will be starting a HO Scale layout for Train show Exhibits with up to 5 main lines,a logging level with continous and point to point concept with auto stop start feature and a moderate sized shunting yard/area and an angle or 2 as well as a size is 2 boards each 3 x 5m..joined in an Lshape design ( design could change again:mrgreen:)

    All Peco code 100 flexi and points..

    Current power supply i have on hand from a previous layout is a whopping 10 amp DC and 10 amp AC power unit all in the one enclosure and weighs a tonne!!Also have 2 GaugeMaster handhelds 1.5A output each and a dual GuageMaster flush panel controller both also 1.5A output..they were given to me..lucky im thinking of using these and buying another dual panel..all connected to the power supply unit etc..

    Extensive collection of old Rivarossi steam locos (about 40) ranging from the classic 4-4-0 to the 4-8-8-4 Big Boys+Challengers+Mallets as well as all others sized Rivarossi steam in between and Heislers,,large range of old Athearn Dels (about 20 or so and still buying),,say about 10 older tyco/mantua steam from 4-6-0 to several of the 2-6-6-2 logging mallets,,,some bachmann,,a few Brass Hallmark locos with the old frame motors etc..and more....out of all my motive power i have only 4 New DCC ready and one DCC Equiped...all the rest are old DC..

    So i have a LOAD of decoders to buy and i know that adds up $$$..and im concerned about installation into all my Athearn Diesels and all my Rivarossi locos..all have tender pick ups bar one or two?does this create a concern?

    My aim is to have doudle header steam and Diesel Freight running,,large freight hauled by Bigboys and Challengers,,and many passenger sets mostly hauled by the rivarossi steam locos,,,the Heislers and shays running on a higher level with continous as well as point to point operation.

    Nataurally for each mainline there will be a large stowing/siding area out the back to enable a large variety of trains to select from etc..

    My friend has an extensive collection of Fleischmann,Lilliput,Roco European gear all NON DCC and he is interested
    in joining me for the yearly exhibit to help run the layout..We are adopting a system where i run my american gear for i dunno say 30 min and then remove all mine and stow and then he runs his and vice versa,,,so as said this layout will have multiple stowage/siding capacity out the back for each line on each level...

    I would like to make operation as easy as possible,,just get the power going for each track and have the locos do thier thing and sit back and enjoy..while manually doing some shunting,,using the turntable and angles..picking up a few freight cars from here to there to add realism and create a working layout etc...whilst monitoring the other 5 mainlines etc until we are ready to do our "changeover" as explained..leaving the layout to kinda run on auto pilot i guess..going for a walk out the front to answer qstns and genearally "socialise"..

    I know some ins and outs of DCC,,this system could be good for my purpose but i think a rather costly decision for all concerned to install decoders and im not sure my friend wants to do that to his european gear..

    In blunt summary... what would you use ...DCC or DC?perhaps both...
    im leaning towards DC..

    cheers J
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    Installment plan...


    I got my first DCC engine almost 10 years ago but I did not get the Digitrax Power/Control stuff until 3 years later. As of today, only 5 of my 14 engines have DCC. Yes, the DCC equipped ones are pretty neat but both engine types play well no matter if I am using DC or DCC.

    Anyhow, my point is that you can plan and build for DCC but slowly phase in engine updates and other DCC related accessories/niceties since you are talking about building anew.

    PS: For my existing DC layout at the time - the large initial expense in time and money for me was converting/fixing the exiting turnouts. Everything else was fine 'as was' for DC and DCC. I did start a rebuild last year but that was mostly to add scenery, a couple more sidings and switch from Code 100 to Code 83/70. (I would not recommend the Code switch to you as you and your friend may have some old Fleischmann's like I do that I refuse to change the wheels on ;) )
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    If you are updating - plan on using DCC. You can install decoders one at a time as $s permit.
    Do you most used locos first- Make your layout so it will use DC or DCC.
    Have one and one only place where you provide power to the layout via DC or DCC. That is if you are using DC, your DCC system can not be pluged into the layout. This way you will not damage the DC or DCC systems. This can be a simple plug- but only one place you can insert the power into the layout. If DC is being used- The DCC plug would have to be removed before you could plug in the DC system.
    By all means- update to DCC-
    You will love it.:thumb: