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  1. does any type of motor works for any type of r/c car?

    need tip where to find the motor... thx :D
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    No such thing. Basicly, heres a quick breakdown of motor sizes and such...

    1/10th Scale Cars - 540 size motor. Standard. A 540 will fit any 1/10th Scale RC Car, period.

    1/12th Scale - 540. Ya, they're smaller, but still take a 540 motor.

    1/18th Scale - Stock is 230 i believe, but you can buy an adapter plate for a 300, or a full chassis for a 540 conversion.

    T-Maxxes - 600, or 580 i belive. They take one of the biggest motors there is

    So basicly, Touring cars, Stadium trucks, and buggies all take Standard 540 type motors. You'll know its a 540 cause its the most abundant motor for RC Cars.
  3. where can i find the motor?
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    Hobby town, ect