Motorcycle 2 CV, Say What!!

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    I wan this to be true. You be the Judge?!?:eek:

    This would be an excellent paper model!

    warning: Frenchman in speedo!!(any man in speedo warrants a warning!):cry::curse:wall1

    Some details that lend credibility:

    Roller transmission: the brake drum is in vertical alignment with the back wheel, the rotation direction requires to drive in reverse, at 20km/h max
    The seat was made from the extremity of the back bumper wrapped in the fabric of the dashboard, assembled with orange adhesive for the best effect


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    O.K., I have finally found a short clip of the motorcycle, and how to make a 2CV, apparently, you need to own one first, two makes it better, don't think there is gender involved, wouldn't know how to check that anyway, I think you would have to be French, they are far ahead of the average American. This Video Clip shows the motorcycle, and after an Extremely Graphic clip of cars reproducing!!

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    It's a suppository for truck ! LOL
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    HAhhahahha!! I had not even thought of that!!! :)