Motorcar Operators West May 12th-14th

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    Not sure what forum to post this on, but heck this should work. I got this from a guy in my model railroad club that is also an avid motorcar owner and WP historian. For those that are not familiar with the area in question, Ione is in the central California foothills about an hour south of Sacramento and his the former home of the Amador Central Railroad and in more recent years Amador Foothills Railroad - that is now in non-operative status. The line his both beautiful and historic and worth the effort if you are in the area.


    Fellow railfans,

    Although this is for a motorcar excursion there will be a MOW equipment
    display there also. This will consist of several antique track maintenance
    items that may be of interest. If you have or know of any equipment that
    may fit into this display please contact Dave.

    Motorcars Operators West in cooperation with the Recreational Railroad
    Coalition is presenting the Ione Railfair May 12-14, 2006. The scenic and
    mountainous Amador Foothill Railroad will be our host. This event coincides
    with the 131st annual Ione Homecoming Picnic, a well attended civic
    celebration and a great small town event.
    Two round trips are planned each day with flagers and signals
    provided by the railroad and an additional run on Saturday night. One way
    mileage is approximately 10 miles. In addition a display of antique
    maintenance of way equipment is planned and owners of unusual or
    non-conventional track equipment are invited to participate in the display
    and, where possible, demonstration. Hy-rails and oversized cars are
    welcomed and there will be a separate event for handcars ,velocipedes and
    other manual equipment.
    Parking is plentiful next to the track and there is room for dry
    camping. Motorcars may be left on the track overnight and security will be
    provided. Bring a different car for each day. Rail transportation between
    the railfair and the picnic is planned. Set on will be at Mill street near
    the school in Ione.
    The fee for this event is $50 with checks made payable to M.O.W. . NARCOA licenses and insurance are required for the excursion. Contact person for information and participation is Dave Balestreri , e-mail, and Phone 916- 444-6374. Please mail checks to Dave Balestreri, 2320 'E' street. Sacramento , Ca 95816. Include a SASE for set-on times, maps, releases and accommodations information. The RRC website is . The picnic website is Http://
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    Neat! I'll have to mark my calendar for that one!
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    That's too cool. I would love to see something like that around here. There are still a bunch of abandoned track around here that, with a little clearing would be perfect.

    Better get it before the walkers take over.