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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Go-carter, Oct 25, 2005.

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    Hi, norwegian newbie here :lol:

    I have recently bought a Yokomo Silvia Drifter, and a Fantom Silver Stock 27T Rebuild motor. This i run woth a HITEC Full Mos Fet/SP-560 electronic speedregulator(don't really know what it is in english, but I'll give it a try;))

    The problem is - It runs faster backwards than forwards!:|

    Any suggestions to fix the problem?

    (ps: Yes, I have tried to change + and -, but still, it doesn't seem to change...)
  2. SpArKeY_STi

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    Speed Regulater - ESC Electronic Speed Control... just for future refernce :)

    Hrm, running faster backwards. Mos fets, grrr... time to bust out the books.

    Ok, after a bit of reading up, i would have to guess your problem is in the settings. Eather on the ESC, or the Transmitter. Possible problem could be when it was set, they set reverse to be faster, and limited the foreward speed.

    Also, a problem may lie in the fets. Those are some sensitive buggers lemme tell you. Those hate high tempuratures, low tems, to much vibration, ect. It could be possible that theres some falty wireing or a bad fet or such. I would try reading threw the manual, or finding the PDF of it online, and checking to see for it in the trouble shooting. I havent come across that before, but if i find my manuals i'll check.
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    If you switch the polarity of your motor it will solve the problem. take the positive wire off, and put it where the negative wire is, and vice versa- you'll have to solder it- unless you have connectors on the other end of the motor power supply where it comes out of the speed controller- switch those, trust me, itl work.
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    That only switches which way it runs. If you do that you'll also have to re-mount the motor, or re-program your TX. There isnt a "polar" motor, so it doesnt matter what way you solder the connecters. But like, if the car it was used in ran it backwards, the brushes may be set one way, and then be kinda gunked due to that. If it is properly done, it should run same speed both directions.
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    so if it switches the way it runs then it would solve this dudes problem wouldnt it?- since it runs faster in reverse, it would now run faster in forwards...... well it worked for me.....
    and arent the reverse power ratings less of that for the forwards?
    I thought if it had a negative and a positive signal then that would deem it 'polar' .......
  6. SpArKeY_STi

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    Some do have differnt reverse rates... but im talking in respect of just the motor. To show you what i mean, take a motor, and disconnect it from the ESC. Take a new battery, clip the connecter, and attach one pos to one side, and a neg to the other. BE CAREFUL The motor, having no limiting or speed control, will spin QUICK and will be easily droped and causeing problems or harm. Then, switch them... notice it goes the same speed. That is because a motor just connects the pos to the negitive, and what ever way you have those set, is the way the currents going to want to run. But if that motor has been ran one direction for long periods of time, it will set those brushes with groves that are one way. Then causeing problems while going the other way. Now hook a ESC into the equasion. It has many Fets, moses, Mosfets, a whole slew of stuff. One little fet fails, it can throw the whole thing out of wack. Or if you have a bad connection, having the current flow one way can help it, the other way it will be hindered. Cause what putting it into reverse does is reverses the flow of the electrons. But ESC's limit that as to 1) not damage the ESC 2) Reduce damage to the Brushes and comm 3) Reverse is ILLEGAL in race... so they want to be careful with it, in case someone has it on their ESC, and doesnt disengage it, theres less possibility of them throwing it into reverse, and hitting someone or something.

    Your right that if it has a positive and Negitive that it is polar, however theres a common ground on cars and trucks on what way the motor is mounted as so everything is easyer. So they have a pos because that is the common connection for running it in that direction.

    I mean theres a huge plethora of things that may be causeing it... it may be something as simple as a slighly dissconeted wire... but never know unless you try.