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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by imported_Joel, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Hey dudes, i just pulled down my rc boat which i aint used in 6 years, and i pulled the motor out of it hoping that its will be faster than my tt-01's stock motor, i duno the specs of either, but the motor i pulled out of me boat is a kyosho LeMans 360ST Racing Motor, and i was wondering if anyone knows whether my tt-01 would handle the motor and whether it would be faster than the stock tt-01 motor?
  2. Hey man how ya doin?

    The kyosho LeMans 360ST, is that the motor out of the kyosho viper? If so then i did the exact same thing to start driftin, except with the servo's etc and not the motor. I had not used my Kyosho Viper for about 6 years, then i got a car and pulled the servo shit out. Wow thats a big coincidence.

    As to using the motor to replace the TT-01 stockie, i'm sorry but i can't be much help. I thot about trying it but instead just bought a new one. Will it fit into the TT-01? Anyway, how about you just try it if you really want to. It takes 2mins to replace the motor so just give it a go for experimental reasons.

    Good luck mate!
  3. ah

    Woh dude thats freaky cause im in melb, Aus aswel......oh wel anyway yeah i tried the motor out just now and i duno if theres that much difference, but that might be cause me battery was low, oh well, but the motor seemed like had less acceleration and more top speed. We will soon see in the morning how it goes.
    lol the motor was from the viper, haha i got it for me b'day many years back, and i think i used it at Ringwood lake, smashed it into the mud first shot, and that was the end of my boat, i didnt know what was wrong cause i was a youngin, and haha i stil kinda dont, i think me servo's r just rooted on it. meh, was thinking of getting it fixed......maybe one day.
    Joel - ah have i talked to u b 4 scottishguy?