More rust-lots of it!

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    Ok , some one posted this link somewhere.

    I found a LOT of inspiration for the junkyard there--among other things a lot of "run out" cars just left to rust -- many almost completely covered in it with only splotches of paint left.

    Here are some efforts to duplicate this effect--these cars are only partially done -- as I said this is experiemental.

    PS--I had intended to make a partially built hot rod out of this duece roadster-- built in the WORST example of a hot rod ever made -- botched up frame , a completely UNSPRUNG front axle, probably a flathead straight eight motor , really a POS deathtrap, that somebody gave up on halfway done & probably that saved their life . I can't do that because the Hot Wheels duece is WAY smaller than 1/64th & just won't look right in the yard. It is just a bit bigger than HO to tell the truth!! RATS!!!!

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