More pics of Equity Junction & Marklin HO

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    Here are 6 more pics of Equity Junction. One shows the motel where train crews spend their off time. The next has the yard and part of the town. Then there is the train station followed by the train yard again. Then there is a mike standing near a mill with deer eating up on the hill. The last pic shows my favorite fishing hole near the oil depot. All the train stock is either Marklin or has been converted for Marklin. Two have been converted by International Trains in Florida. See the thread of 8-4 titled "Marklin HO and Z" for further details on this layout. Bob

    PS. You'll have to click on the attachment #5564xx below the pic of the oil depot to get the image of the motel. I think my 9 year old computer is getting a little lazy. I gotta stop buying all those trains.

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