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    Jul 29, 2007
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    hi gang,
    more weeks have gone by and new models have been recieved
    from poland :mrgreen:
    doing a quick review at work
    we recieved
    jsc Queen Mary 2
    GPM Stallion heavy helicopter
    and a fantastic gpm laser cut kit scharfschutze,
    i had no idea that the actual kit was laser cut. so i am totally drooling on it now.. the detail is astonishing, more to come in reviews

    just a taste of the reviews to come from this weekend so stay tuned...

    i just try to do my part to promote this great hobby hopefully from these reviews it will encourage you to go buy some models and display your skills in this awesome hobby

    laters gang!!

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    OMG. I need, nay, REQUIRE the scharfschutze. Oh God that's pretty.