More Freebies (this may be old news to some)

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    Ya ever have one of those days? No I am not taking about one where ya do things ya shoulda thought about before doing them like, in the heat of the moment saying something stupid like "maybe on second thought, we SHOULD turn out the lights" lol I know (we've all done that....right? please say i am not the only one lol.)
    Anyway, I found several freebies earlier today the B-29, F-14, F-15 and Mig-29. And although this maybe old news to some of you, this link was new to me and worthy of sharing. The actual downloads are not on this site, but the models are linked to the respective site which offers the "freebie"

    Here you will find PLANES, cars, trucks, trains, tanks, ships, motorcycles etc. ALL FREE.
    Like I said, this site may be old news to some of you, but my eyes are the size of silver dollars right now and i dont mean Susan B Anthony or them gold tone Sacca....Sacca... them newest dollar coins. Simply go to the link, look on the left for the type model you wanna look thru (multiple pages for each type model once you go there) and click on the pic of the download you want.
    My old "ETCH-A-SKETCH" (my 1995 computer) is gonna have a stroke by the time I go thru all of these.
    Happy hunting guys, and as always, when I win You win, I share the wealth.

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    It doesn't matter here sir whether the site you've shared is an "old" one for many here in this forum. It is highly appreciated that members like you are sharing info to other members. Besides, since the forum continues to invite new members, your effort is more than helpful to them!

    Thanks for sharing sir!!! And continue posting! :wink: