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    Nov 26, 2004
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    Hi all - [​IMG]

    For all boffins/mavins of British Railways steam:

    I recently acquired an old Triang "Britannia" #70000 (eBay), in green/orange lined, which turned out to be MUCH rattier than seemed in pic.
    It requires much refurbishing just to be presentable! [​IMG]

    Casserley's "Observers British Steam Locomotives", p.177, pictures (undated) "Iron Duke" #70014 in what APPEARS to be all-black, unlined livery, with no BR crest on the tender.

    As I'm no hand at lining, but can manage a respectable repaint, can anyone verify this livery?
    Was "Britannia" itself so at any time (saves trying to locate new name plates!)?
    Lastly, does anyone know a source for "Iron Duke" name plates, if I must?

    Any info will be greatly appreciated! [​IMG]