Modern day train robbery

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    Heared about a guy walking off a construction site every day for a week with a wheelbarrow fully of sand, the Guards poked around in the sand and found nothing, suddenly there was an accute shortage of wheelarrows on the site...then the penny dropped

    Here in the RSA they will steal anything thats not firmly fixed
    High jacking is a national sport unfortunately in most cases the driver is shot even when no resistance is offered Two of my friends have suffered this fate
    After our new democracy was formed ,this became known as
    " Affirmative Shopping "
    No power... the HT lines were stolen
    No phones ...the cables are gone
    No traffic lights...the control Box is at the scrap yard
    A train arrives at the goods in the Containers ,how they get that right is anyones guess What a world!!!!
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    I remember a few years back the news showed freight trains being "off loaded" on the go down in Mexico on there way to the US. The train was full of Zenith TVs and they were just pitching the whole load out the side on the go. They then went back to see how many survived. They (the mexican bandits) figured 1/100 was a good yeild! It was made a big deal (lots of laughs) out of around here as the Zenith Plant use to be in Sprinfield MO and was closed when Zenith moved their ops to Mexico for cheaper labor. You make your bed, so you lay in it. FRED;)
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    When I was stationed in Germany in the early '80's, I read a story about an East German T-80 tank crew that had been missing for some time. They finally found the whole crew in a Gasthaus drinking and having a good time, but they couldn't find the tank. Come to find out, they had gotten lost during a training excersize, sold their tank to a local junk dealer and used the money for a "wild weekend". They found the tank, but it already had been cut up.

    And we were worried about an invasion?