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    Just curious how many folks that view these forums belong to Model Train Clubs. It would be interesting to get some club names and general information about your clubs.

    If you have web sites, that would be great. Photos of some club layouts would be great. I've been fortunate to vistit several clubs, but I like most folks, cannot possibly see them all and the many interesting things they have to offer.

    Our club is located in Oakdale, Ca. We meet every Wednesday night from 7-9 pm. We have, what we call "Fun Runs', every third Saturday each month starting at 10 am. Currently we are building two new permanent club layouts, one HO and one N-scale. The HO layout will feature two levels, two helixes, four reversing loops and approximately 20 miles of double track mainline (code 83). The N-scale layout will feature one helix, two reversing loops and two levels and about 9-12 scale miles of double track mainline. Both will feature radio equipped Digitrax DCC systems. We currently have enough radio throttles (DT-400r) to run about 13-14 trains at once. Most of the club members have their own throttles,having bought them through the Digitrax one time "club Promotional deal". the club also has two for visitors and <new> members without throttles of their own.

    We are also in the process of building a brand new HO scale show layout. The old one (about 20+ years old) is/was heavy and difficult to move (14 sections). The new one will feature light weight materials and a more efficient point to point design (instead of the old "space eating" oval). The show layout will also be DCC ready. I'll try to post some photos later as we get the layouts up and going.

    If you are in our area, drop me a line. Visitors are always welcome. We are the Stanislaus Model Railroaders & Historians.

    If you want to really experience many of the neat things in model railroading (those large layouts, comradare, etc), find a local club to join. Even if you have your own home layout, you can still have a great time in a club and learn a lot, too. And sharing what you've learned with others is also very satisfying, too. There are plenty of good clubs out there, I'm sure.

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    Train Clubs


    I had posted this question as to having a club segment on the Gauge. This was a couple of weeks ago in the Q & A section.
    Great to hear you are interested also.