Model Show Ostrava CZ, October 1.-2. 2004

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    Open Master Competition and exposition of paper models with rich additional program organized by YMCA Ostrava and ZvS Ostrava Poruba in cooperation with CPM,o.s. will be held in area of Zvlastni skola Ckalovova, Ostrava-Poruba (across McDonald‘s Poruba).

    Regulations of Open Master’s Competition
    Competition is open for all brands of paper models in all age classes, MZ “Cadet†- for modelers till 12 years old, SZ “Older Cadet†– for modelers since 13 to 15 Y, J “Youth†– for modelers since 16 to 18 Y, S “Adult†since 19 Y in all the brands of technical and architectural models (it means MDT Small Transport Vehicles – including wheeled and non wheeled, VDT Big Transport Vehicles and Machines, PT Tracked Vehicles, L Ships and Watercrafts, LKT Air and Spacecrafts, MA Small Architecture, VA Grand Architecture) + special brand D Land sceneries and Dioramas. There will be extra category MINI for modelers till 9 Y without splitting into branches of paper models.
    Judging according CPM rules, i.e. take part in competition in non presence is allowed, it is possible to enter paper model in competition at place by filling entry form and paying entry competition fees, it is possible to enter one model in assigned category - in total not more then three models from one modeler, there is only one condition – modeler declares that his/her model is made from paper as major building material, Competition jury is reserving the right to join categories in which the amount of models is lower than 5, The jury will evaluate all the models and best three modelers in assigned category will be rewarded, to claim results of competition is possible after announcing of competition results within declared time period, to start claiming is possible against placing of deposit of 100 CZK (only in the case the claim will be won by modeler the deposit will be returned back). Competition entry fees: MZ+SZ 10,-CZK/model, J 20,-CZK/model, S 30,-CZK/model. The Jury Chief of Model Show Ostrava 2004 is Ing. Stanislav Fajkus from KCPM Golden Apollo Prague.

    Other program and organization
    Exhibition of paper models – Your models for exhibition are warmly welcome, there is no restriction on amount and kind of exhibited models. We are opening special exhibition PAPÃROVà DAKAR, i.e. for all the paper models based on the race Paris - Dakar. All the participants will get Competitor Certificate and the best model of truck DAKAR-TRUCK and car DAKAR-CAR will be rewarded in all age classes!!!
    Entry fee for Model Show Ostrava 2004: kids 10,-CZK, adults 20,-CZK, family (2+2) 50,-CZK. Free entry for CPM members, all the competitors and exhibitors of paper models. We offer Accommodation per 20,-CZK/night + bring your private gilt and mat.

    Friday October 1st.
    · Entry for competition and exhibition models 15-21.
    Saturday October 2nd.
    · Open for public 9-15.
    · Acceptance of exhibition models 8-12.
    · Open Master’s Competition – time frame for claims 8–10.
    · Exhibition of paper models; Note – a commercial presentation within competition place is allowed only in case of approval given in advance from organizers. Do not apply to personal modeler presentations.
    · Sale of Czech and others paper models / including archiving models!
    · The Best of Show – based on visitor’s enquiry
    · The Best of Show from YMCA
    · Dakar car + Dakar truck
    · Show of TATRA 815 DAKAR by its driver Tomas Tomecek !!
    · Festive announcement of competition results since 14.

    We are looking forward to meet with you at Paper Show Ostrava 2004
    More information about competition and accommodation:
    Martin Svoboda, tel. +420 776 325 991, e-mail: