model river shots

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    harold, I came to the same conclusion. My eyes are better than most, and if I can't see how rounded my streambed material is, others probably don't care as well. I just brought it up because measuring and quantifying river sedimennt is what I do these days :) In HO scale, many details are unnecessary. I just detail until I get tired of detailing, and call it good :) My groundcover consists of sieved crushed whole rock, that was leftover from research sample.

    BTW, I like your figures - are they OO or HO?

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    Oct 14, 2004
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    The one figure in the brown coat is a Langley OO(1/76) scale figure. The other three are Preiser 1/72 scale shortened by cutting off their feet and reattaching them:eek: . I added hats using brass shim stock. The pointing guy looked like this in another life.


    The gray arm is from a WWII German Army sprue, he is a 1926 Preiser 1/72 scale pilot.