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    Jan 12, 2004
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    Hi everyone,

    Lech was so kind as to mail me a personal copy of the PZL P-8/1.
    We've all had the opportunity to see the kit in it's beta form and lacking colour. Seeing this kit in full colour is a treat. Even the cover is inspiring :)

    Upon opening the booklet, the first thing that struck me was the beautiful semi-gloss stock and the very fine printing. The registration is perfect, the panel lines are fine where they need to be and, even the riveting is present.

    Diagrams are all broken down into logical blocks with all parts clearly shown and labeled. It's done in a practical way starting with the very detailed cockpit and works it's way right through to the end. Included with the diagrams are a couple of pages detailing portions of the construction process with a few photographs and a lengthy text in Polish. As a pleasant
    surprise, at the back of the booklet is a great history of the aircraft and it's specifications in English.

    The kit makes extensive use of formers throughout which should make for a solid model. Joining strips are all coloured to help hide the seams. There are a few parts that make use of glue tabs where I would use strips but it's nothing that isn't very easily rectified. Separate control surfaces add to the kits realism

    All in all, 5 pages of text and diagrams and 4 pages packed with detailed parts make up this wonderful and unusual kit. It's definitely not for beginners as close tolerances, difficult cuts and many compound curves are in store for the modeler. Anyone up to a good healthy challenge will be in for a treat. I'd put this kit into the intermediate to experienced class

    Well done Lech! This is one of those models that will be the centre of attention and conversation

    Have a look at Lech's web site for many detailed shots of the beta build, thumbnails of the kit's pages and even a couple of full size pages available for download