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    Hello all!
    I want to put together a section of free model accessories... Steve had a very good idea about designing. Why reinvent the wheel?

    I am going to try to accomplish two things at once here - there may be some overlap...

    I want to develop a section in the shop that will offer accessories for models. These can be either free or for sale. For instance it could contain a bomb package that would have severel bombs for planes. It could be a highly detailed rotary engine. It could be a pilot to put in the cockpit. It could be lasercut formers etc etc.

    These would be add ons/improvements builders could use to increase the detail on existing models.

    I already have permission from Richard (designed all the nice rotary engines) to put in this section for starters.

    My second part of this idea is to start a designers library of sorts. It could build off these free accesories to be just put in with a kit they are designing. like if one of richards engines would work in a plane fitter was designing all he would have to do is include a copy of the engine in with his model giving the designer credit. I like to think of it as a designers library. It would be handy for parts that could work across differnt models.

    p.s. please note this is just me brainstorming for ideas [​IMG]
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    kewl - still working the plan out :)