Mitsubishi Ki-46 III "Dinah"

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    I checked my resources here and I have nothing on the color used on the Ki-46. A number of the chips in the link Mike sent look "close" to the color in the few color images I have found, but I have nothing which says, "Color FS11123 (or whatever) was used on the upper part of the aircraft."


    If you have the actual colors used on the upper and lower portions of the Dinah, could you pass the info to NOBI?

    I just don't have a lot of references for Japanese aircraft.
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    Feb 7, 2004
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    By no means this is a definitive answer, but here are results of Googling the topic....
    Looking a the tail insignia, it seems that this Ki-46 belonged to 10th Hiko Sentai, 1st Chutai serving in the New Guinea/Formosa/Japan.
    As such it should be painted in Army Dark Green/Army Light Gray colors.
    According to those colors translate to:
    Dark Green R44 G59 B51
    Light Gray R149 G165 B140

    According to upper surface colors translate to:
    Dark Green R57 G67 B63 or R83 G89 B82

    Bottom line - I would use whatever seems right......
    Here are photos of the Tamiya model in the same camo scheme.
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    Michael, Your information help me very much. I know only Army Dark Green on top and Army light Grey on bottom but can not find exact FS number to match with. Thank you very much for your help.

    Wily, I will send you .CDR file (CorelDraw's format) of this model for you to color in raster format :) I think this model will look good when add some weathering into :)