MiTrains and WayBills from Shenware

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    First off, I do not know the author or have anything to do with this program except us it.
    That said, I want to use carcards and waybills to operate my layout, but the idea of sitting at the computer for hours typing waybills was a real turnoff. Then I found this program, actually three programs.
    MiTrains is a complete inventory system and carcard maker. Cards can be made with or without pictures of your rolling stock, be as complicated or simple as you want. And for me, very easy to use. Now, for me all I wanted it for was the carcards, so there are lots of features I would not use.
    WayBills is the program I was really interested in. Easy to use and typing is kept to a minimum. Enter your industries and commodities once and your just about done typing. After that, to make a waybill, hilite your commodity and industry, push the to or from button and you have a cardard. Cardards can be made for 1 to 4 moves, and I can do a card in less than a minute.
    For me this is a great program, and there is a 30 day uncrippled trail period for both programs.
    I had reason to contact the owner twice and he was very helpful, even if I was using the trial programs.
    IndMan is a free program that can interface with WayBills and has list of real industries around the USA. You can also use it just as a database of off layout industries to ship to.
    All in all, I like these programs and suggest you give them a try if your interested. Here's the web address.
    Shenware Waybills