Minitrix/Walthers/Heljan N Steel Blast Furnace

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    FYI from the Minitrix website in Germany. As I understand it, this N kit is based on the older Walthers HO kit and is being produced by Heljan (Denmark) for Minitrix in Europe and for Walthers in the USA in their Cornerstone (R) series -- see details at the bottom of the page.

    T66120 Blast Furnace Kit

    Challenging kit of a blast furnace with shaft furnace, charging gallery, casting hall, work platform, blast heating preheater, hot blast circulating duct, dust bag, dust scrubber, conveyor to the charging bucket and ore loading platform. Time required to build this model is approximately 40-50 hours. Base dimensions 490 x 182mm / 19-5/16" x 7-3/16". Height 375mm / 14-3/4".

    This kit is being produced in a one-time series only in 2001.


    The webpage also has info on hot metal cars


    Here is the Walthers info:

    Item # 933-3249
    Cornerstone Series (R) Blast Furnace
    Retail $129.98
    Expected Date 28-Oct-2001



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