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    Jan 23, 2006
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    Thank you for adding Mining to this forum:thumb:

    So many of us have a mine, or mine related, industry on our layouts. I do.....but I must confess that I don't know enough about how they worked and all that went into getting the coal from the ground and to the customer. Hopefully, some knowledgable person or persons, will help to fill in the blanks as questions are asked:winker:.

    I will start off sharing some resources for coal mining

    Coal mine related photos:
    "SHINBRIER" ALMOST HEAVEN by "dizzy" harris

    Plenty of pics and the quality is awesome!....ENJOY!

    Instructional link dealing with prototype and model info:
    Appalachian Railroad Modeling - Articles

    I will add to the list as I find them
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    thats a great link nazgul :thumb:.i love this forum,it has everything! i recently started a logging layout and this and shamus's site have provided me with all the resources i need t start it.and if you want to see a diagram o how a coal mine works then go to the HAER site on the library of congress site.ill try to get a link now.but if i my link doesnt appear just search for coal mines on there has original engineering drawings of the operations.--josh
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    Steve; Thanks ! That site's AMAZING ! The mining and RR stuff, all the old photos, and the stories of the folks who lived and worked there. Bob C.