Mini Cooper Drifter?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Saucey, Nov 17, 2005.

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    I was wondering how big a difference there was between mechanical and electronic speed control in a drift car, I am new to the whole RC hobby so I'm sorry if this is a completely noobish question, I was wondering because I want to make a Mini Cooper drifter and the Monet Carlo edition by Tamiya comes with ESC and the others don't, or is it possible to switch the mechanical for an electronic, sorry if this dosn't make sense, I wrote it in a hurry, thanks for your time anyways...
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    I thought the Montecarlo was a Front Wheel Drive Chassis making it Hard to Drift ???
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    But that doesnt mean it cant...

    The differance in the two are basicly a MSC is a lot easier to break, but you can go threw water with it. Also, a ESC is programable and such. So it just depends on what you want out of it.
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    An MSC is esentially a 3 way switch that is operated by a servo to control the amount of power sent to the motor. an ESC does the same job, but usin IC components. Go with the ESC.
    You won't be able to drift the Mini though, I'm afraid. Sure, you can get the back to step out, by coming off the throttle mid turn, but that's not the same as a full 4wd drift.
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    It accually is possible to drift mini's. Believe me... we used to have mini cooper races, like 20 people entered. We drifted those all the time.
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    hey folks new here i have a tamiya mini just to do me untill christmas got it for £10 of a friend who didnt know wat was wrong with it .needed a new speed switch so got a esc and in the middle of makin my minni rear wheel drive which is a llt easier than i thought very fun and fast . i put a new motor just a 540 rs and a new esc and new recievier . good to get me by and have a yokomo ae86 on the way for christmas ill keep everyone posted thanx bit of a story lol ANDI.