Millimodels-and how they will be sold.

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    Mar 26, 2007
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    For those amongst you who are interested in Micromodels, I have started to sell my own railway models uder the title Millimodels.
    My models have come about as a result of wanting to design my own models to complement my micromodel collection. I have standardised on 1/200 scale as being suitable as the originals vary in scale around this.
    So far I have two sets completed, LYS1 - Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway goods train, and LYS2 - Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway passenger train.

    My way of selling is to use ebay.
    The reason for this is that because this gives me the control over when the auction is completed I actually have the time to sell them!
    If I just sell models via a web site it means that I have to be able to look for orders every day or so and I cannot do that at the moment.
    I do intend to set up a web site to include more detailed build instructions, gallery, history of the subjects, etc. but will be completing a couple more designs first so that there is something more to describe!
    I would be interested in hearing if others have used the same way to sell models.

    Robin Madge