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    Normally I live in the model railroading side of Zealot, but I'm venturing into new horizons. A long time ago I had found this video and became hooked on a new journey that will combine both hobbies: [YOUTUBE]B36PhUhPmuI[/YOUTUBE]

    I've found out that Roco had made a WW2 US GMC CCKW (holy acronyms!) that had a hi-rail setup. I recently found one on eBay and I'm trying to get it for cheap. I model early WW2 era in model railroading and I plan to have a troop train for a maintenance battalion on the move, so I think this should fit in nicely. For the deuce and a half, I'll probably need to make a canvas for the back so I can hide all the electrical goodies because as sweet as it would be to leave the back exposed for who knows what to tag along in the back, realistically I don't see it happening. I'd like to also power both rear axles to make it somewhat realistic off the rails. 6x6 would be freaking amazing, but this is my first attempt and I'm not shooting for the moon just yet. After all, I still have train stuff to build.

    Nonetheless, I'm still stunned by all the technology that can be crammed into such a tiny space. This should be an interesting adventure.


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    There are a lot of pickups cruising the rails around here in New England. I have seen some purpose built bigger trucks. You project looks to be spectacular! Can't wait to see how you pull this off! :)
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    What fun! if you wanted to do somethinf like this with more room for the mechanism they have some O scale (

    Nelson1-50)duce and a halfs at micromark