Micro Maxx powered 1/92nd scle Regulus-1 models available!

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    HI y'all!

    Well, I worked out the bugs, and it took me 6 trial models, and alot of aerodynamic mathematics over the last month or better. Trying to explain it all for someone else to build took over a week! But they are ready and free for downloading! The MMX flying Regulus-1 model rockets in 1/92nd scale!!! They are so fast I posted individual consecutive frames from a good launch, and I posted a link to a video with 2 launch catastrophies. You can hear Bunny and I commenting in the background as well! :)
    Visit http://www.geocities.com/coldwarriorcards to get yours. There are 2 kits on 1 page- the early tactical version, and the target drone model. The extra lower fin is mandatory to make them work, but as the early real Regulus had this fin- it's still a legal scale model- and flies too! :)
    ANYWAY- they're done, smacked off the project table, and I'm movig ahead with the next ones:)
    OK- the site has temporarily gone up in an overload fireball! So here are 2 alternate addy's :
    http://www.ourmedia.org/node/76458 flying reg-1 models
    http://www.ourmedia.org/node/78621 flying regulus instructions

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