Metasq Helmets?

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    I'm trying to create a wearable football helmet and am having a ton of trouble getting the actual head bucket designed. I assume this would also relate to masks etc... but haven't found any type of tut here. I've looked through the phenomenal ones already posted but just can't seem to wrap my head around this part. I thought maybe using a similar technique to the tutorial of the space capsule. If there are suggestions or ideas out there I'd appreciate it. I plan to import the maps from vector based images of the different team logos. I can help with the 2d art where needed so please ask. Suggestions on this are appreciated.

    EDIT: Okay I gave up on the football for now and went for something i thought would be a bit easier since it's not so fluid. This was modeled a bit from the starship trooper helmet. it could use quite a bit more work for accuracy but it's just a start. I created each raised area as a separate object and then merged them all at the end. The helmet was done one half at a time and mirrored once all objects were merged. it gave a few problems with gaps between some layers, but i think it kinda came out ok.

    Each layer (object: sorry i'm used to photo-chop) was colored differently to make it easier to see how they joined before welding them together. If anyone has suggestions let me know.

    The biggest issue i had was extending the visor without losing the curved shape. I cut the section from a copy of the base and moved it forward. I then created faces to connect the pieces. not as smooth as i wanted. if there is a suggestions on this please let me know.

    Feel free to comment on the helmet / design. I'm looking for criticism and help in how to make the process a bit easier.

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