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    With reference to a subject thread HERE . I stumbled across a META Tools set that designers, or budding designers may find useful. As stated in the other thread, I haven't had the time to fully explore this tool set's capability or potential uses.. This is just the very basics to bring it to the attention of any designers that may not be aware of it. * I've used META V2.1 as its a free version and available to all users.

    Metasequoia's [paint] tool set allows you to Draw / Paint directly onto a textured 3d model. Any changes can be saved to the original texture file. WooHoooo

    Step 1~ make a complete back-up set of your models textures. ( in a separate DIR is safer)

    Step 2 ~ Load your model into META

    * If you haven't already, check [File ] [Basic mode] is NOT ticked = extra menu buttons visible.

    Step 3 ~ On the LHM open the materials properties [System] [MatPanel] and click on ( highlight) the texture you want to draw on.

    Step 4 ~ On the LHM select [Command] [Paint] = A popup box will appear with your selected texture and a few self explanatory buttons. * Click the [Brush] button and select the brush size / palette / colour options you wish to draw with from in the brush popup box.

    At this point you can draw onto the texture in the Paint Pop-up box OR directly onto the model..

    * Depending on the UV mapping of the model / positioning of texture, several WARNING / QUESTION boxes may ( or may not) pop up when you try to draw ~ Be sure to read the little buggers, its to easy to save a mistakes to your original texture..

    [ Are you sure you want to start drawing ..] .... ummmm YES

    [Size of mapping bitmaps are changed - Are you sure to continue] = More to do with the way the original texture was applied or positioned.. select YES so anything you draw appears in real time on the 3d model.. Also appears and needs to be selected YES before you have the option to 'save' your new texture * seems a bit flaky ** RIGHT click anywhere in the 'Paint texture pop-up' box to invoke it.

    [Mapping bitmaps have changed Do you want to save changes] = Caution I think this saves anything you've drawn to the original texture file.

    FLEAS ~ META seems to save /work the Texture files as an independent action from the mesh SAVE. Unless I've got it wrong, treat any mods as double saves ~ SAVE the texture ..SAVE the mesh ( if altered)

    FLEAS ~ BEFORE drawing onto the 3D model first select the appropriate view i.e. [F1] side [F2] top [F3] front = Oblique / perspective views seem to produce unpredictable results at times.

    FLEAS ~ There doesn't seem to be any direct UN-DO options/command ( one shot deal) if you want to erase a mistake you have to re-load the original texture = In the paint /texture pop-up box select [File] { Reload from File] = the original / last saved texture file is reloaded.

    FLEAS ~ If the texture file has been applied with any distortion i.e. stretched or re-scaled to fit the model. = A real time update of your drawing may not appear on the 3d model. although It WILL appear in the paint pop-up box texture as you draw ~ draw your cursor over /on/ across ? the point you want, and it will be drawn on the texture even if it doesn't show on the 3D model.. Ummmm.. clear as mud eh? ... everyone get that..?

    Ok So the tool set doesn't sound that fantastic after having a good scratch.. Still worth a look though. If nothing else it makes placing accurate positioning makes on a model a bit easier/ Sorry I don't have the time to fully explore the tools set, and I'm sure it has a lot more uses than the one here.. Worth experimenting with if nothing else, perhaps someone that can explain ..stuff... will take the time to detail its use and capability a little more coherently than I can.

    This graphic show the basics of how I used the tool to mark a spar position. Sorry its such a large page, I just wanted everything readable.

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    thanks gearz i think its definately worth a look.