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  1. hey wondering if you can help i open a model in meta i put the textures in the textures folder open the model nothing any help
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    Apr 17, 2008
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    you don't HAVE to put textures in the textures folder.
    easy fix anyway.
    1) In the menu goto panels and tick the material panel.
    2) select a material in the panel and click prop button in the panel to bring up the material properties dialog.
    3) select the materials in the left column until you see something appear in the 'texture' part at the bottom of the dialog(3rd white bar up).
    4) click the 'ref' to change the refernce for the texture. now just search for the texture.
    link with pictures :- Metasequoia documentation v1.0

    If on the other hand your just getting white textures, this will be a texture too big for you graphics card (happens with me alot), to correct this you need to go to the tab panel on the left, go to view tab and select the MQR button instead of GL or D3D.