Me 262 1:1 scale rebuilt in action at ILA/Berlin

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    Dear cardmodel enthusiasts,

    one of the five rebuilt Messerschmitt Me 262 A/B-1c
    made it's way to the ILA in Berlin and did some
    in-flight demonstration already.

    "Tango/Tango was flown to Berlin on May 16th and
    is on exhibition at the ILA 2006 airshow in Berlin."

    You may see many pictures of that legendary stormbird
    on the ground and in the air here:

    Rebuilt in the USA, airborne again in 2005 after 60 years
    near Seattle/USA, moved to Manching/Germany.

    Build No. 501244
    Type or configuration Me 262 A/B-1c (conversion)
    TAF name : Red Nose / Red 13
    Me 262 Project name: Tango-Tango
    US-registration N262MS
    German-registration D-IMTT

    More information here:

    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner