McDonnell-Doulas AH-64 A Apache

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    1. McDonnell-Douglas AH-64 A Apache
    2. Scale 1:33
    3. Publisher: Maly Modelarz 7-8/2003a
    4. Parts 669

    The kit contains 9 pages of parts and formers.
    And 3 pages of drawings.
    This is computerdrawn all the way.


    Some of the instructions

    The print looks very good and it comes with full interior.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I guess this will be an interesting build.
    The detail level is very good.
    The instructions also contains a lot of 3d drawings and seems easy to understand.
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    Apr 28, 2004
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    It's a very good model. I am putting the last coat of varnish on mine this afternoon. A few minor issues: I had to cut down the formers in the cockpit area to accomodate the thickness of the window panels. I also trimmed the fairing between the tail spine and tail. When hanging the Hellfire missiles, "U.S. Army" should appear right side up on all missiles. This puts the missile seams on a diagonal. I hung one of mine upside down! I felt the spars inside the rotor blades were a little too big and cut them down. Use bendable wire inside the rotor blades so that you can tease them into a somewhat drooped position. If I recall correctly, I had to trim down a few of the fuselage sections in the tail area. Test fit, as always! The spine covers up the seam line along the tail. The markings for "Unites States Army" lined up perfectly on my model. The markings for "Danger" did _not_. A skilled graphic artist could correct the part and this problem. I added a connecting strip between the cockpit segment and the nose segment, which made the seam line very smooth. I did not use a connecting strip where the segment with the engine meets the tail--I left that as a butt glued joint. My experiments with a connecting strip in that area did not turn out.

    Also, this model is much better (more detailed, better graphics) than the ModelFan offering.

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    Jun 18, 2007
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    I recently received this kit myself, and it's been slowly working it's way up my "to build" pile, and now it seems to be sitting on the top...

    As already stated, it's a very nice looking kit, well drawn and printed, and in the right hands could make a very nice looking model... I won't let that stop me though, I'm still going to have a crack at it :D

    Has anyone else built this kit who can add to damraska's advice? It's nice to know in advance about any traps I might fall into along the way... Looking through the instructions however (polish) it seems I'm already stumped... not quite sure what parts need to be mounted to thicker card etc, some are obvious, some aren't and my polish skills are non existent.

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    Nov 5, 2006
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    nice to see some new helicopter kits most of the ones i own are old gpm and dont look all that great and are pigs to build:cry: