Mass Effect Tali'Zorah Citadel DLC

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    I've forgot to post about my recently finished project mainly because it was so long in the making, I intended to make this a build thread but camera has given up the ghost and I didn't have my new phone yet T_T ....

    So this is what I was working on for the past half+ a year or so
    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya from Mass Effect 3 (Citadel DLC)

    It's not immediately apparent but her legs do not touch the base. the whole model is held up by a steel wire inside the cape. I've used blobs of expanding foam to to make sure its solid and the attachment points remain ... well attached.
    Also I was lucky to find a cloth freshener that comes in a nice purple plastic bottle so I could make the visor with relatively little pain.

    As always the template can be DL-ed from my site.