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    As a science fiction author I've been struggling with designing maps for inclusion in books. Many writers start by scrawling a map on a piece of paper. This maps usually end up with single rectangular continents often with unrealistic rivers which have little relationship to coastline and elevation. I've been to several SF con panels on map making put on by cartographers which don't address the problem. Cartographers chart what is already there. Writers need to design the world before they can chart it. I've tried painting Christmas tree globes, but it's too difficult to transfer the drawing to a flat surface for scanning. I've also tried attaching paper to a globe before I draw, but the paper doesn't lay flat. Periodically I've search for programs to do this type of drawing but CAD programs cost thousands of dollars. My solution is to make a model of a icosahedron projected on a sphere, basically spherical graph paper. If all goes well I’ll design a kit so that other writers can use it for map design. I’d like to set it up as an e-book with embedded video instruction and a way to print the pages.

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    WOW! That's very impressive!