Maly Modelarz B5N2 Kate

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    Model: Nakajima B5N2 Kate
    Publisher: Maly Modelarz, 3/2002
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Distributor: Lighthouse Modelart

    Eight parts pages (all cardstock). Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for all but the least experienced card modelers to successfully perform the build. The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Level of detail very good. Model has cockpit with good detail. Has wheel wells with printed details. Option is provided for a twin row radial engine. External armament provided (choice of bomb or torpedo). Printing quality is good. No noticable color voids, good color registration. Draftmanship good. Artwork good, more cartoonish in style than realistic. Some shading is used to depict shadows. Instrument depicion on instrument panel is good. No weathering. Construction method is the usual Maly Modelarz butt-jointed segments. Kit is presently available from Lighthouse Modelart for about $8 US, and is frequently available on Ebay. I would not recommend this model to beginners, but would be a good kit selection for anyone with intermediate papermodeling skills. Overall grade a B+, with a good value-for-cost rating. A diaorama for this model is commercially available, and will be reviewed in the near future. An Gomix aftermarket clear canopy is available through

    Instructions: B
    Paper quality: B+
    Level of detail: B+
    Printing quality: B
    Artwork: B
    Value for money: A-
    Skill level: Intermediate
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    Hi There,

    Dont know anotherbody want to know other detail of this kit or not but some other detail of this kit is

    Number of Kit : 3/2002
    Designer : PaweĊ‚ Mistewicz
    Cover page :
    Finish picture of model :

    My opinion : this is very well design model from professional designer, i like Mistewicz's work. his Zero and Cobra is very well design too also with F-16 (all is Maly Modelarz) detail cockpit and choice for building make this model can competition with another company like Halinski or GPM...recommend for all modeler and only $4.55 (from Lighthouse) is very reasonable price.