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    Model: Grumman F4F
    Publisher: Maly Modelarz, 10-11/2002
    Scale: 1:33
    Format: Hardcopy
    Distributor: Lighthouse Modelart

    Four parts pages (all cardstock; some additional parts on one of the instructions pages). Sufficiently detailed construction diagrams for all but the least experienced card modelers to successfully perform the build. The parts are printed on good quality card stock. Level of detail good. Model has cockpit with good detail, although most is depicted graphically rather than 3D. Has wheel wells with printed details. External details provided (bomb and external drop tank). Printing quality is good. No noticable color voids, good color registration. Draftmanship good. Artwork good, but more cartoonish in style than photo-realistic. Some shading is used to depict shadows, and some weathering is apparent. Instrument depicion on instrument panel is good. Construction method is the usual Maly Modelarz butt-jointed segments. Kit is presently available from Lighthouse Modelart for about $5 US, and is frequently available on Ebay. I would not recommend this model to beginners, but would be a good kit selection for anyone with intermediate papermodeling skills. Overall grade a B+, with a good value-for-cost rating.

    To me, the heart and soul of the F4F is the landing gear/wheel well. A good effort was made to capture the essence of the airplane in this area, and there are plenty of construction diagrams to help the non-Polish reader along in this tricky area of the build. What is needed to push this model over the top is a 3D engine (kitbashers out there take note...and please post a copy of the "aftermarket" parts in the downloads section). From the kits I have avaliable to me, I think this one marks the point that Maly Modelarz became a serious contender in the cardmodel market. They still have a way to go to compare equally with the typical Helinski and GPM kit, but they are getting there.

    Instructions: B+
    Paper quality: B+
    Level of detail: B+
    Printing quality: B
    Artwork: B+
    Value for money: A-
    Skill level: Intermediate