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    Dec 18, 2004
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    Here's a great website that shows how to make trees out of Caspia which is available at Michaels or similar store:
    I made 10 trees tonight in 40 minutes and of course I expect to improve my productivity with more practice. I will offer one bit of advice for Step 2: when I was assembling the caspia into a tree like mass, I used some 28 gauge bead wire that I had on hand. It came 50 yards on a spool that looks like a spool of thread. I am a pack rat and have had it for years and have no idea where it came from. Perhaps Michaels has it too. I found it very difficult to hold the caspia in place while gluing it with a hot glue gun as outlined in the step by step instructions. That is until I got the bright idea of wrapping some of this wire around the multiple twigs that will form the trunk of your caspia tree. I felt like a florist at work. The very, very thin wire is very easy to twist by hand and makes assembling the trees much faster. Hope this makes sense to you. Log on to the above website and it will make even more sense. Have fun!:thumb:
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    Thank you. That's my site. Good upgrade to my method. I'll write it in first chance I get. Fred