made some new pvc on new rims today...

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by nismospeed, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. nismospeed

    nismospeed Guest

    hmmm they look good

  2. SiL_15_80SX

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    hi nismospeed how did you add a pic???
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    Not sure how he did it, but the easyist way to do it is go to and use that. It will host any pic up to 750KB free with no ads covering it and even sets it up in diffrent formats for easy copy pasteing. (IE For this you use the code and it auto has that.)
  4. r2drift2

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    how the heck do you cut pvc's so nice like that. i use a hacksaw myself and as hard as i try i can never get it cut so nice, its always slanted. i suck man.
  5. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Cut the PVC a bit bigger, then sand the corners and what not.
  6. Beskone

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    use a pipe cutter!

    it's what i use for my ABS tires - $25 at home depot, looks like a big C-Clamp with 2 rollers on the bottom and a circular cutting wheel at the top

    makes perfect smooth cuts every time!

    well worth the money :)

    - Brian
  7. driftsleeper

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    hey guys...i found a way to give your PVC a little more grip! :D

    if you already have 4 cut out PVC should sand it till you can see treads on your PVC's...thats right TREADS. it helps a lot, you can put treads in the front and leave the rear the way it is...or you can put treads on all of them. it actually improves your run times!!

    i thought of it when i was running my PVC's yesterday cus they slipped so much that it would slide too much. you should only do it when you want a lil more grip though...if you do this, you'll still have lots of slide but you can regain the traction much easier instead of waiting for it to come back. ill try to post up some pics of the PVC tread tires just in case if someone doesnt know what i mean by putting treads on the PVC. (only if i can find a way to upload pics of it on the forums)
  8. Beskone

    Beskone Guest

    try using black ABS instead of PVC if you can for more traction.

    ABS is a much softer compund than PVC and after they are scuffed up a bit (after maybe 1 battery pack) they grip MUCH better than PVC - not quite as grippy as the yoke tires, but really nice.

    i think even scuffed PVC feels like sliding around on ice - ABS has just enough grip and more than enough slide.

    - Brian
  9. Dags

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    This is my preferred material. It's also a bit easier to work with. Gogo Dremel tool!
  10. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Ya, my tires are ABS pipe coupleings... black of course! Ill try and get pics but it just rained and i was gone wity my windows opend, so i have some work to do.
  11. driftar

    driftar Guest

    what is abs
  12. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    ABS is like PVP Pipe, just sorta a softer compound. Right?
  13. driftar

    driftar Guest

    what kindof pvc is it electric or plumbing
  14. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    is what? ABS? Or just PVC Pipe? I think they are both plumbing....
  15. Guest

    ABS = Amyl Butyl Styrene
    PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride

    ...or something similar

    ABS being a Styrene is softer than PVC, it tends to powder much more when ground, and burns easier!!
  16. driftar

    driftar Guest

    where do u get abs at?
  17. driftar

    driftar Guest

    where do u get abs at
  18. nagatahawk

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    You can get the black ABS at Home Depot, 10 ft for about 4 bucks, you'll need a cutter, about 25. good for about 150 set s of tires.

    My LHS has them mounted on rims and bagged for $10. The Hobby Place in WLA. Sometimes it's just easier to pay for someone to mount them up for you! :D
  19. UBdead

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    So what's better now, PVC or ABS?
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Abs because it gives a more realistic look, and it drifts a bit better.