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    Well, here is my second 'mech build, the Mad Cat. It is another free download from I already built the Daishi mech from this website and I have nothing but praise for these models. They are very well designed, are easy to build, and can be posed in any number of ways. I have already started on the Thor 'mech, which is unfortunately the last one in the series. Hopefully the webmaster/designer will catch the bug again and decide to add to his outstanding line of free Battletech models.

    The model parts are contained on 3 sheets of cardstock - one of which (the leg parts) will need to be printed twice. As a caution to any of you who have Photoshop and may be inspired to build one of these Mad Cat models - don't forget to flip the image horizontally for the second printing of the legs page. I'm kind of anal when it comes to my modeling, so it bugs me to no end that my Mad Cat stands on two left legs (or two right legs as the case may be).

    I made a very stark display base for this guy - basic black, no pearls. It is a simple low platform of black mat board, about four and a half inches square with a crossmember on the underside for support. It has a half inch mat board side wall. I used a very small drop of glue in the center of his feet to affix him to the base, so if I decide to do something more elaborate later he will be easy to remove. I found a Battletech logo on the internet that I thought complimented the figure nicely, and I mounted it on an angled piece of mat board to finish the display.

    I hope you enjoy the photos, despite the blur

    Regards, Don

    The business end

    Right side

    Bringing up the rear

    Left side