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    Hello all!

    I have been in contact with Sergey (designs card models - those of you that buy from Dewayne know his work) he is looking for some plans as he is working on some new models. If anyone could help it would be very much appreciated! Sorry the attachments are too big to attach directly and I dont have time to resize right now.....

    I'm in search for plans of Italia and Lepanto italian battleships (pics in attachment) - but alas no progress for now :( Italian Maritime Historical Society does not want to respond - I sent them almost a dosen of letters - may be I'll send them paper letter via post in future). May be you heard about these beauties? Also interested in Civil War Ironclad plans - I like these ships very much - have an idea to make some models with my coleague.

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    I have a blueprint of this boat


    It's 6 huge page(A3 I think)

    I bought it some years ago from a store in England

    I was thinking of building this beauty from scratch.

    Don't know about the copyright.

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    Check your PMs.

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    Thanks guys :)

    Markus - I will ask Sergey if that will be helpful for him :)