Looking for Some New Models for the EAA Museum

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    I posted this thread just before roof fell in last week. Here it is again, in case you missed it. --David

    Four years ago, I set up a Paper Models Exhibit at the Experimental Aircraft Association's "AirVenture" Museum in Oshkosh, WI. I was given two upright display cases and was told I could have them for about six months. Four years later, the exhibit is still there. You can see early photos of it at http://www.cardmodelers.org/eaa/eaa-1.htm.

    I was at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, WI on Monday, and Curator of Exhibits Alan Westby told me, "People spend as much time looking at this [paper model] exhibit as any other exhibit in the museum. They are fascinated by the paper models." That's saying a lot--this museum is loaded with fascinating exhibits!

    I'm working with Alan and some other modelers on ideas for expanding the exhibit and making it more dynamic. More on that as things develop.

    In the meantime, I'd like to get a dozen or so new models in the exhibit to keep it fresh. The deadline is short (I apologize for that). I want to get the new models in the exhibit before the AirVenture convention, July 23-29, when a quarter of a million visitors will pass through the museum.

    In particular, I'm looking for high-quality builds of any of the following from Fiddlers Green (or similar): Bowers Fly-Baby, Ercoupe, Pawnee, Sikorsky S-39, Suglug Primary Glider, Antoinnette, Bleriot, Skytruck, or Flying Flea.

    And I'll consider any good-quality build of a fixed wing Warbird, racer, or lightplane from any kit publisher and any era. Scale can be anything up to 1/33. (Bombers, airliners, and such have to smaller to fit in the case.)

    I can't promise that your models will be returned to you. Most likely, they will become the property of the EAA Museum. But they will be exhibited in a world-class museum and you will be given credit in the exhibit.

    If you have a model to submit, please send photos or inquiries to me OFF-LIST at sakrison@charter.net, with information about the model. If I want it for the display, I'll email you shipping instructions.

    If you want to build a model, let me know--I'll try to save you from duplicating someone else's effort.

    Alan Westby wants to keep the paper models exhibit in the museum. I want to help him keep it fresh. It's a golden opportunity to showcase our hobby and your handiwork to a huge audience of aeromaniacs.

    No worries,
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    dibs on the beaver

    I already put a dibs on building a De Havilland Canada Beaver for the EAA Museum.