looking for info for a nitro drifter setup

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Pitstops, Oct 12, 2006.

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    hi all,

    I am looking for any and all info that will help me with setting up my nitro car for drifting, including what tires to use. any setup sheets would be a great help as well.

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    Help Me

    Same here, I need some help setting up my car in order to drift. I just bought my first Nitro car and Really needing some help.
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    yeah i need this too..sum one help please
  4. jareb

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    just try the pvc tires first with your nitro cars. You just go to local hardware store and buy 2inch pvc pipe and cut it into pieces wide enough for your wheels than slip them on you may need to use a little ca glue but be careful not to use too much it can distort the pvc. If must use rubber tires then you might have to resort to a lot of camber on the front and rear wheels, I dont suggest using any treaded tires though they wear out really quickly, also try filling your diffs with thicker fluid to limit there action or just lock them. yokomos drift tires are awesome to but the pvc works great and its cheap, dont forget to run the engine slightly richer, with the pvc tires your engine will easily overpower them so max power isnt need.
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    you might want to play with front toe in also I run about 2 degrees toe in on my nitro 4tec and it drifts very nice, this car is so easy to control and drifts for days, try rounding the pvc also so the edges arent square, I havent played the hpi s too much but my friends all drive them and setups are very close to mine, if you have access to other pipes too try and select one that will give you more low end torque, you might be able to slide you tuned pipe and coupler farther away from the header to increase torque. good luck and watch out for those curbs