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    I've posted this message in one other section as well...

    I'm proofreading a new book by Sam Posey called "Playing with Trains: A Passion Beyond Scale," which, by the way, is a *really fantastic* book. (I'm not a model railroader, but I know a great story when I see one.) In it Posey recalls his two stories in Model Railroader magazine, "My Colorado Midland" (Feb. '95--cover) and "The Magic of Illusion" (Dec. '01), at least one of which has photographs of his layout. I'm burning to see these photos in color, but I've only been able to access grainy b&w versions (no photos, I'm sorry to say, will be in the book). Model Railroader doesn't have back issues from 2-95 available.

    I would be thrilled to see the 2-95 color photos (and the 12-01, if there are any--are there?). Does anyone have extra copies of these magazines? Or a scanner and a moment to copy and email me the photos? I'd be truly grateful.

    (I don't stand to profit, by the way, from "promoting" this book...)

    Please email me if you can help.

    Christopher Ross
    (** put "Posey" somewhere in the subject line, so I won't delete any replies as spam--thanks)