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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by jvtec95, Jun 27, 2005.

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    I am looking at getting into RC drifting & am looking for a decent beginner platform. I am either going to get a Yokomo drift setup, or a Tamiya model & mod it for drifting.

    Which would you guys suggest. Also, I see that the tl-01 is the popular tamiya chassis, what about the tb-02 or the tt-01 or the ta-03r or the ta-05? What are the differences between these, and which is the best for drift/road race setup.

    I would like to drift and also possibly road race; as for $$$, the yokomo drift would be the most I would want to spend. Let me know you guys' drift opinions!

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    Check out the tutorial on the main site (RCDrifter.com) There is a good tutorial for that. Also, check out the FAQ in the general drift catagory, i have some beginner questions awnsered in there.
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    well, I've already read all that, and they don't go into any detail between the different setups. Like the difference between the Tamiya models (and if the differences are beneficial to drifting). Also, what, if anything, is different about te yokomo kits.

    Anyone else who can be more helpful?
  4. SpArKeY_STi

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    Well, for that, the best thing to do is go to the manufactures website, and research. I could go on for days about the differenced, but then im sure you would ask more questions about what each term ment...

    So the best thing to do is decide for yourself what the differences are, cause what i say, you could think totally opisite
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    Boy, Sparkey, you sure are helpful.

    "I could go on for days about the differenced" That is EXACTLY what I want! I'm looking for the differences between the various Tamiya models, and a comparison to what you get in the Yokomo kit.

    And as for asking "more questions about what each term ment", I'm a mechanical engineer, and I'm currently building a track car in my garage. So I doubt it.

    All I've been looking for is some general guidance before I spend hundreds of dollars on a fun toy and new hobby. Every response I've seen from you on this site is basically "yes, any car will work"

    I'm sure you can drift any car, but I know in real life, it's pretty damn hard to drift an oldsmobile. Can it be done? yes. Is it a good idea? no.

    It has to be te same way in the RC world. There HAS to be some inherent downsides and benefits to each setup. If you can provide that (or anyone else) could you please post them. If not, then don't post anything. I'm just looking for some insight from people who have more experience in this than me, so I don't have to make the mistakes they've made.

  6. SpArKeY_STi

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    Well talking like that isnt going to help. You ask for all this help and such, then go and be a jerk to me? Thats not how it works. And if your so smart and such, then why must we tell you what to get? Also, the RC world is so different from real life, you cant make compairsons or contrast anything, so try agian on that one. I dont care what you do for a living, i dont care what you know, if you go asking questions like that, then act like that, appenrtly somethings wrong in that picture.

    So to state truthury and not some BS you THINK is right, infact, all rc cars drift the exact same. Its all personal preferance. PERIOD! There isnt a "Right or wrong" this isnt some big project. Its more of how much you want to spend. So untill you get facts stright, dont go telling who should be posting and who shouldnt. I have been driving RC Cars since i was two, i know what i talk about.

    So, 90% of anyone who knows what they are talking about will say the exact same thing im about to tell you...

    You must decide for yourself. Do some research. Me telling you whats different wont do a thing. For me, a Pro 2 with a Penguin chassis is the best thing. Why? Because thats how i want mine set up. For you it might be a tamiya . So as i said before, check out the manuals, and see what you think would be best for you. I cant tell you what is best, theres no such thing.

    And about all my posts, i say that because thats true. Any car can work, you just have to take some time and learn it before you do anything. And tho you say your building a track car and that you would know the terms, maby. But would you know how the affect the car? More then likely not. There are some simalarites, but its two different worlds. So learn your facts before you go around being a jerk asking for information.